lcdisplay - A Dmhwidget for displaying values using 7-segment digits


dmhwidgets::lcdisplay pathName ?options?


itk::Widget <- dmhwidgets::Lcdisplay


background cursor foreground height

See the options manual entry for details on the standard options.


Name: aspect  Class: Aspect  Command-Line Switch: -aspect  Default value: 2.0

Used as a floating point value to specify the ratio of vertical pixels to horizontal pixels used for the rectangular area allotted for each digit and its usual spacing.

Name: format  Command-Line Switch: -format  Default value: %4.2f

A value which is used as the format specification string. The -value numeric value is formatted using this formatting specification and then displayed.

Name: formatted_value  Command-Line Switch: -formatted_value  Default value: 0.00 

The formatted value to be displayed; for example, "12:34:56" or "+6.02E23". The user can directly prepare and configure formatted values, or the user can configure the -format value, and then configure -value values, and let the widget logic apply the format command to the new values. The formatted_value is a string consisting of any sequence of the characters in the string "0123456789 -+E.:".

Name: tilt  Class: Tilt  Command-Line Switch: -tilt  Default value: 0

Used as a non-negative integer to specify the percentage by which the digits slant to the upper-right.

Name: value  Class: Value  Command-Line Switch: -value  Default value: 0

A numeric value to be formatted and then displayed.


The lcdisplay command creates a widget that uses a set of lcdigits to display a value, and a new Tcl command whose name is pathname. The command is then used to invoke various methods of the widget. The command has the general form:

pathName option ?arg arg ... arg?

The lcdisplay will resize itself to fill the available height. It will vary the number of digits displayed in order to comply with the format of the formatted value.


pathName flash
This method causes all of the displayed digits to briefly appear with blank values, and then go back to displaying the current formatted_value.


package require Dmhwidgets

dmhwidgets::lcdisplay .lcd -height 150 -format "%6.2f" -value 3.1415926
pack .lcd -side top -expand 1 -fill y

after 3000 {if {[winfo exists .lcd]} {.lcd configure -value 12.345678}}


Hume Integration Software,


digit, LCD, LED, 7-segment, widget