humelib::play_soundfile - play a sound file


package require Humelib
humelib::play_soundfile pathname


This command is used to play a datafile representing sound. Typically .wav and .mp3 file types are supported. The pathname should be delimited with Unix style slashes. On windows, backslashes can be used if they are doubled in order to escape their meaning as special characters.

On the windows platform, the command invokes the default Open action by exec'ing the command processor with the pathname as a background process. This technique relies on having the Windows media player installed, or a suitable third party program such as winamp, or MusicMatch Jukebox installed and associated with the sound file extensions.

On the Linux and POSIX platforms, the command invokes esdplay to play .wav files, and mpg123 to play .mp3 files. If you have different software installed, you can create shell scripts with these names to invoke your own programs.

The command is part of the Humelib package and can be imported from the namespace humelib.


package require Humelib
namespace import -force humelib::*
play_soundfile /mp3/TheWho_MusicMustChange_WhoAreYouLP.mp3


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